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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  September 3, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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listen we told you before beach patrol has made that issue. it's time to get out of the water. so, as we said before, the lifeguards clocked out at about 5:30 today. once they go off duty that's one of the most unsafe times to swim here. you're just taking your life into your own hands because there are not lifeguards stationed here. they have hundreds of them up and down the beach. if you take a boat into the water when you're not supposed to you're going to get law enforcement in this case. these people are desperate for a little time in the water. they want to get out here they wanted to come down for the last labor day weekend special. they wanted to spend some time with their family. they didn't want to deal with earl. right now they are ready to say see ya. waves edging closer to the boardwalk. signs hurricane earl has been trying to elbow his way into ocean city adding something he necessary to the last weekend
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of summer. it's an adventure for news crews who are willing to stand along the storm. >> any parting words for earl. >> good-bye. >> reporter: at thrashers they are looking to salvage the holiday weekend. >> i think it's going to be a good weekend. >> hopefully it rolls out of here by 4:00, 5:00. >> reporter: seeing these waves it's hard to believe it will be gone so quickly. >> tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day. because it's a beautiful day people are going to knock back to the beach. >> reporter: chances are the water will be just as nasty. that's why there's a chance swimmers will be kept out of the water over the weekend. it may be tough to tell people who want that last dip but it's about keeping these beaches safe. >> we will make sure we're not allow people to do things that aren't safe. >> reporter: so we're back here live in ocean city. we want to talk to these two
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guys. so you guys actually brought the miss out. what did they tell you keep it clean we're on live tv. >> just they don't want anybody in the water no matter whether you're surfing boogie boarding any kind of raft. we were told we could be up there now we're told otherwise. >> reporter: did you think it was safe to go in with this boat? it looks pretty treacherous. >> i don't know if it's safe but it's fun. >> reporter: all right a lesson for you guys. thanks for talking to us. the lifeguards have told us this whole week long do not go in the water when beach patrol is not here. if they clear and let swimmers back in the water check in with a lifeguard let them know you're not the most experienced swimmer. if you want swim out out in front of the lifeguard those are the tips from the beast patrol. always we said before, beach patrol can make this decision in a moment. if tomorrow morning they get up they see the seas are a little bit calmer they will make it clear for people to get back in the water but they are not
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going to make it clear to give everybody the last dip for the summer. kelly back to you. >> josie i'm looking at the winds behind you and it's looks pretty ferocious out this. maybe 6 to 10-foot waivers. earlier today it was much worse than in? >> reporter: it was much worse than this and these waves as pig as they are were washing up farther onshore. they were hitting the sea wall forming tidal pools. it was pretty amazing stuff to see. this is calm considering what we saw earlier today. it's amazing what a big difference just a couple hours will make. >> josie thanks for that live report. let's check in with wyatt. we survived earl but with a lot of wind and minor flooding in oc. >> yeah kelly. we knew that the ocean places right along the water's edge ways going to be the big effort
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concern. high tide 4:00 p.m. i have enhance had tides for another few hours. take a look large hurricane earl spiraling its way up the coast up to cape cod. rain bands we had in ocean city easton and salisbury picking up some rain those areas clearing out nicely now as the core of the storm weakens and moves further north. wind gusts still to 27 though down at the beach. our abc 2 storm tracker finding that and the rest of the weekend at the beach we're talking about improving weather, sunshine coming back out. but again surf could be 4, maybe even 6 feet again tomorrow down at the beach. great for surfers but have you have to be careful when you're trying to swim in that stuff. much other more on this and latest on the last round under for earl up the northeast coast coming up kelly. thanks a lot wyatt. forecasters say earl could be a either a weak hurricane or just a tropical storm when he finally reaches new england, but earl was still packing quite a punch earlier this
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morning when the hurricane lashed the north carolina coast. we're looking at video right now from kill delve hills in north carolina earlier today. earl is still expected to round cape cod nantucket and martha's vineyard with high winds and bands of heavy rains. you can continue to track earl from your computer. just go to our web site on our home page, you'll find how you can follow the storm's progress. you'll find all of this and also the latest updates you'll find that right there on the latest now the 911 tapes have been released following wednesday's frightening hostage situation at the discovery communications building in silver spring. the tapes reveal how the events unfolded leading up to the gunman's death. james lee took three hostage at discovery's headquarters before pg shot and killed by police. you're going hear portions of those tapes coming up tonight abc 2 news at 11:00. gunfire in southwest
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baltimore and tonight a woman is dead and two others wounded. police responding to the 500 block of eastlynne avenue last night found 30 year-old datea scott-smith suffering with mullet gunshot wounds to the back. struck one 14-year-old boy in the hands. >> information it was at least one gunman in this incident. we're investigating if any of these victims were the intended target of this shooting in police believe a drug dispute actually led up to the shooting. a student brings a knife to school forcing anne arundel county school to take some action. what happened and how administrators kept parents informed. >> reporter: yesterday morning not two weeks into the school year anne arundel county administrators had to draw up this letter informing parents
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that a corkran middle school student brought a knife into school. according to officials the young man showed the weapon off telling at least three other students he intended to use it. it was those students glen burnie school says did the right thing right away. >> the children went to administration and did exactly what we have encouraged children to do. find a responsible adult and report it that's exactly what happened. >> reporter: it was because of that the student was immediately apprehended. no one was injured a potentially dangerous situation diffused. but parents we spoke to who didn't want to go on camera tell us the student in question was protecting himself against a situation that started outside the school earlier this week. if it were not for the quick thinking of other students it could have escalated. >> we take these things very seriously as we have to. i mean, something like this if students didn't do what they were supposed to do and administration wasn't made aware of it we could have had a really dangerous situation. >> reporter: which is why the
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system sent home this letter right away as well as making automated phone calls to parents. keeping everyone informed pushing to keep everyone safe. in glen burnie brian kuebler abc 2 news. in democracy 2010 tonight governor martin o'malley is spreading the word about the first ever early voting in maryland. the lt. governor anthony brown cast their ballots today. the start of a 6-day periods in which registered voters can get a jump start on the primary election voting. just a reminder we have 11 days until the primary election, which is september 14th. the general election will be held on november 2nd. to learn about the upcoming election and all the candidates go to you'll find that information in the political section. the power to delay the effects of alzheimer's disease really could be in your hands. why researchers say the key doesn't lie in medicine bottles
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but the books. the importance of mental fitness. >> earl came here did what it was going to do. coming up next i'll tell you all about it.
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. hurricane earl drenched virginia earlier today as it moved the eastern seaboard. the outer bands that lashed north carolina with winds and heavy rains but the storm did
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not come close enough to do severe damage. don harrison joins us live. lacks like business as usual in ocean city other than the flooding behind you don. >> reporter: well, they are getting back to usual. you ocean city does have about 10 miles of beach. they have a long coastline. they have jet hes out here. sands dunes they put up some snow fences to take the sands from flowing around. they have done a lot. all this to get ready for earl. earl has provided quite an awesome display of the power of mother nature. >> there are waves out there cracking all over the beach here. >> reporter: many people take advantage of this situation. jet skyers get a ride for their life. the coast guard uses this as a time to train their men how to handle rough seas. some observers are impressed with the surf. >> it's the biggest waves ever
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seen. >> reporter: ocean city officials have closed the water to swimming, it is awful dangerous out here. these waivers are trying to flock you over. they are going to continue to monday for the situation hopefully they can have water for swimming open saturday and sunday for labor day weekend. >> certainly plan for the worst and hope for the best. this forecast is in ocean city's favor. >> reporter: emergency management director is pleased with earl's impact. >> as soon as this thing passes they are going to get out there in force clean up the boardwalk anywhere that's needed and tomorrow you're not going to know the storm even passed through here. >> reporter: since the late 1980s ocean city has spend $100 million in beach replenishment. that investment has saved over 275 million in property damage and beach loss. ocean city mayor rick meehan says it's money well spent. >> even now when we lose some of the sand you're going to see, it really stays in the system. it's washed offshore and it will actually come back over the next few weeks. so it's a very stable project
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alleged we've been very fortunate to be able to maintain our beaches with the beach replenishing project. >> reporter: the project has worked. earl wasn't that disastrous to the sands. the surf did come up a little built. we have tidal pools over here banging up again the sea wall. they are looking forward to get everything back to normal for labor day weekend. it should be a good weekend. come on down and enjoy. don harrison in ocean city, back to you. >> hurricane earl has been moving away from maryland tonight weakened to a category 1. calm after the storm. let's check in with abc 2 news christian schaefer he weathered the storm there. i know they had a little bit of flooding issues, but from the waves whipping up and everything people just kind of hanging out on the beach it seems like it's close to returning to normal. >> reporter: that's right, kelly. a lot of times when you get a big storm that inlet parking lot floods some of the other
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parts of the city do too. the inlet parking lot did flood today as it often does they were expecting a little more flooding in some of the downtown streets. we never saw it. take a look what it looked like downtown today. the warning signs were out but the high water never came at least not into the downtown area. tropical storm winds were strong enough to shake some stop lights and water a few road signs but not strong enough to keep the ball from rolling at a miniature golf course. they got in a round in what was supposed to be the height of the storm. >> i was really hoping it was going to be something we could all sit back and watch and enjoy , but you know, we got a cloudy day with a little bit of wind and rain. >> reporter: if you were looking for flooding, you had to go all the way to the inlet parking lot. vehicles parked in the lot had to move and police closed off the entrance, but this was literally the high watermark for hurricane earl.
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>> it's great. i've never seen it before. >> reporter: as the storm approached this week, boaters had to make a choice, pull their boats out of the water, or leave them in and watch them closely. >> i stayed on on the boat last night made sure the lines were adjusted. >> reporter: leaving it in worked out just fine. as the tide goes out the water in the inlet parking lot will recede along with the memories of the hurricane that almost made it to ocean city. >> big waves, that's all. >> reporter: back live you can see the sun is already starting to come out 6:15 on friday. hurricane earl now just a memory. people have started to come back to the beach. in talking to the emergency responders this week, this is the time that they were really more concerned about than the actual hurricane because right now people have missed a day or two at the beach and they want to get back out here but they want people to stay safe.
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we already saw earlier in the newscast the police down here on the beach pulling people out of the water because they are concerned about their safety. we do have some surfers who have gone into the water behind you checking outs some of the really large waivers. that's generally considered okay by the beach patrol the people are serious surfers they know what they are doing. they consider themselves perfectly safe. however other people young children even adults who are uncomfortable in the water they don't want those people near the water at least through now and possibly also through tomorrow as well. we're going to keep an eye on how that goes through the weekend. that is really concerning thing for the emergency responders here that people might go into the water and get caught in a rip tied is what they are trying to prevent from happening this weekend. live in ocean city christian schaefer abc 2 news. >> i'm kind of a wimp because that water looked a little
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ferocious. >> rip types will be a concern for swimmers and so we'll see if the red flags go away the no swim rule tomorrow at some point. but i any we're going to have above average surf at least through saturday night. overall weather will improve. the lifeguards are saying hey because it's beautiful out visually there's rip current can still get you. we had cloudy skies from the outer bands of earl, but no rain here. that was pretty much confined to the eastern shore temperature 85 now a little bit of a whip in the wind. let's show you a different perspective on hurricane earl as he made his way up the coast and you know just kind of a 3d look here. again it was a very powerful powerful storm weakening now. but as it approached the outer banks as a category 3 and strong category 2 as it approached virginia, this was still one mean looking hurricane, and now you can see the, what we'll call the deep
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convection, the core of the center of the storm, the really strong winds to 80 miles per hour now confined to a smaller area as this thing whips up toward cape cod. there are hurricane warnings up parts of the cape well north of us, but everything has been dropped now for ocean city, delaware beaches, even new jersey wherever your travels take you on labor day weekend. maryland powerful radar we track pretty descend rain bands from east on across through ocean city. all the rain clearing out. the track of the storm pushing it well offshore of the united states except for cape cod the outer reaches of massachusetts there we may still see some really rough conditions later on tonight. moving northeast at 19 miles per hour. all right. let's take a look at the actual warnings that are left. again, all from areas north of us we're in the clear now except for the actual wide open sea boaters and ships have to still be awfully careful off the mid atlantic cold front. but the other thing we're focused on is of course our
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late season, early season cool front as it pushes in out of the west. this is going to bring some very autumn like air in here. earl moves out the front moving in. the combination of both those weather systems is going to mean a windy day tomorrow. winds gusty, 20, 30 miles per hour at times as that cooler air punches in out of the north and west. that will make a difference. look at the low 70s and 60s even this afternoon off to our north. >> that's all coming our way this weekend and it will mean some chilly nights ahead. earl again pulling away as we go into the saturday morning hours. behind it just some stray cloud cover, but i think we'll see some sun mixing in tomorrow afternoon and a pretty nice looking saturday night also the rest of the week sunday monday look fantastic. 65 tonight partly cloudy, the last remnants of earl blowing out to sea. tomorrow 2-degree guarantee only 78. and then tomorrow night we're dropping down to about 55 or so, clear and cool. and quick check of your 7-day forecast, again the rest of the three day weekend looks
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fantastic now. as we go toward labor day monday it's all good news. cool nights, though. >> we're going to take a quick break and we'll be right back. as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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. researchers say staying mentally active won't prevent alzheimer's disease, but it
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may delay the start. scientists say adults who continue to actively simulate their brains by reading, doing puzzles and other mentally challenging tasks may stave off the onset of dementia longer than people who are not active that is always did news to hear. you've got good news on the weather front. >> i do. earl continuing to pulling further away from maryland. >> see ya. >> good-bye earl. and it will continue to move further away, ocean city forecast as we look at that kelly things will improve quickly even down at the peach. but the one caveat being some big sur of and probably dangerous rip currents into the day tomorrow. after that though things should get really nice and a quick check through your day tomorrow. even here in central maryland we're talking about a much cooler day 70s, breezy taste of fall for labor day weekend kelly. >> that still sounds good. >> it does. better than cooking in the heat. >> no doubt. that is its for it for abc 2
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